March 30, 2021

Melissa has served me very well. I was in Utah 3 years ago, and sent a message I through an online website. I was interested in property in the Asheville area, and she was the first to reply. I took a 4 state trip after that and met Melissa at her Asheville office. She started a search and I went back to Utah. Melissa was very persistent in her search, and she found a Condo In Hendersonville that I bought from the pics and description without seeing it. She handled everything that needed to be done. I sold my house in SLC Utah, Packed up my SUV and moved. We closed immediately on my arrival and moved in the next day. I liked the place and knew I got a very good deal. During the past year I realized property values had gone up a lot and called Melissa to send listings I might like. Finally she found the place I just bought and really liked it. I had to sell my condo first and after she cleaned it beautifully and added things, we listed it and I got an offer the first day, and another the next day that I accepted. I had already bought the place here and now could go through with it because of the max money I got for the other place. I credit Melissa for making all this possible, I love my new place on the golf course in Etowah. I think this is my final place, but who knows. If I am in the market again I would call Melissa because she is persistent, thorough, knowledgeable and makes sure all things get done right down to the smallest detail. I would highly recommend her!

— Jack Simmons